We are thrilled to announce the TangotoCUP series, a groundbreaking concept that is set to revolutionize Tango Competition as we know it. In this fresh and exciting venture, couples will have the chance to embark on a multileg competition series, offering them an unrivaled opportunity to challenge themselves and potentially secure a coveted spot directly in the semifinals of the illustrious Istanbul grand finale.

This unique series is not only designed to bring out the best in competitors, but to also present them with remarkable prizes. However, the true essence of the TangotoCUP lies in the invaluable feedback and critique that participants will receive from a panel of dance professionals handpicked from the industry's finest. These esteemed individuals are known for their unparalleled expertise and understanding of Tango, guaranteeing a level of insight and evaluation that is both impartial and fair.

At TangotoCUP, we are wholly committed to upholding the highest standards of judging excellence. The culmination of our rigorous selection process ensures that every competitor will receive exceptional feedback, providing them with the necessary tools to refine and elevate their dance skills.

"In the Tangotocup series, we are thrilled to announce that we will be establishing leaderboards for couples competing in Tango Salon and Tango Escenario categories, as well as for leaders and followers with all categories. Participants will have the opportunity to earn points from each competition, so they can track their progress and see where they stand in the rankings. We can't wait to see all the amazing talent that will be showcased!"