Ranking System

From now on, there is a new general ranking system in the TangotoCUP competitions. This system allows points to be obtained as competitions are entered, and the points are transferred to future seasons at a certain rate, creating an automatically updated ranking system. Thanks to this ranking, we can see the current version of the Leader and Follower rankings separately, which includes the achievements of couples in the Tango Salon and Tango Escenario categories with the world rankings in all categories.

The ranking points are determined using a calculation system we have explained below, taking into account variables such as the type of competition, number of participants, and number of jury members in order to create a fair system. It is a season-based calculation system, and after the competition season ends, 20% of the earned and all accumulated points will be transferred to future seasons.

The current ranking you see on our website is based on the results of the tanGOTOistanbul CUP, which has been held three times before, and it will continue with the upcoming competitions as a new season.